Changing Bags

My bag or baby's bag?

This might sound strange but I never used to like bags.  If I could get away with carrying my keys, phone and purse, I would.  Then along came along my daughter Sapphire and I quickly realised that those days were gone! 

The first bag I bought was simply terrible.  It was literally the first one I came across.  No style or functionality and quickly disintegrated.  After that I was lured into the world of changing bags.  I had a Pink Chocolate Fleurville, Charcoal Dot Lime OiOi Messenger, Plum Jacquard Hobos and the wonderfully practical Caboodle Active. How could I resist?

These days, my children are both out of nappies but it doesn't stop me resurrecting one every now and then if I need a bigger, more stylish bag!

Debbie Bradstock-Knight


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